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Robust cellular PVC cladding profiles in traditional styles, with complementary joints, trims and fixings. Cellular PVC cladding is an ideal substitute for timber cladding; it will not discolour, retains its appearance, is virtually maintenance free and is weather resistant

Standard: W = White, R = Rosewood, Z = Black, M =Mahogany, C = Light Oak, DB=Dark Brown, CB=Clay Brown
To Order: H=Cream (RAL 9001)


Shiplap Style:


Code Size Colour
CSF300 300mm Twin W/H
CS150 150mm W/Z/M/C/R
CS100 100mm W/M/C/R
CJ045 300mm Twin Shiplap Single Joint W/H
CJ043 150mm Shiplap Single Joint W/M/C/R/Z
CJ042 100mm Shiplap Single Joint W


Open V- Groove Style:

Code Size Colour
CV150 150mm W
CV100 100mm W
CJ044 150mm Open V Single Joint W
CJ281 100mm Open V Single Joint W<W/M/C/R/Z/td>


Feathered Edge Style

Code Size Colour
CF125 125mm W
CJ057 125mm Feather Edge Single Joint W


Finishing Trims:

Code Type Colour
CT029 Drip Starter W/DB/CB
CT028 Wall Starter W
  CT026 Channel W/H/M/C/R/Z
  CT290-1 2 Part Finishing Trim Male & Female W/H/M/C/R/Z*
  CT030 External Corner W
  CT292-3 2 Part Corner  Male & Female W/H/M/C/R/Z*
  CT035 Drip Trim W
  CT033 Centre Joint W
  CT051-2 2 Part Centre Joint Male & Female W/H/M/C/R/Z*
CT040 Channel & Batten Cover W
CT061 Cladding Venitlation Strip 60mm x 15mm W/DB


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