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Fully Sculptured Casement Window




Whether you are looking for a splashback for your kitchen or bathroom we can offer you a glass splash back made to suit you. 

Each splashback is made from 6mm toughened glass with a high glossy look.


Clear glass splashbacks can be shaped to fit under practically any cooker hood. 


If you need cut outs for plug sockets you need to provide an exact diagram with dimensions to enable us to make the cuts in the correct places.


Add a dash of colour to your property with our stylish and affordable glass splashback which are available in a wide range of colours

Printed bespoke design

Digital prints are a great way to show off your creative side and really make a statement in your own home.


Whether it is a piece of art or a photo of your own. Give us any picture and we can place it in perfect clarity on glass for you.


Providing that the photo quality is useable we can print up to 1.5 by 3.0 meters per sheet. Our printer will print at an amazing 1440 D.P.I (dots per square inch).

We are also able to provide stock prints, If there's a breath taking view, image or object you’re looking for let us know and we will find it for you.

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