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Liquorice Twinson External Claddng on side of a house

25 Year Warranty

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Twinson Premium Cladding

Naturally beautiful, 100% recyclable cladding combining wood and PVC-U for a durable, low-maintenance solution

Twinson premium cladding can transform the appearance of any property, creating an eye-catching design feature as well as improving the thermal insulation of external walls.

Enjoy all the aesthetics of wood with all the durability of UPVC.

Twinson premium cladding is available in two styles:

Flat 167 cladding: Comprises of hollow planks for enhanced insulation with a ventilated outer wall for air circulation, providing a continuous, unbroken wall covering. Available in 6m and 3m lengths.

Flat open 83 cladding: Solid Twinson cladding planks installed with open joints between the planks allow free air circulation between walls and cladding. Available in 3m lengths.

Benefits of Durasid Exterior Cladding 

  • Up to 25 Year Manufactures guarantee*

  • Little maintenance

  • Easy installation

  • Natural look

  • Extremely durable and impact resistant

  • Integrated ventilation allows efficient air circulation

  • Sustainably sourced, 100% recyclable product

Colour Options 

Three panel colours that contain wood fibers which will have difference in colour and appearance make Twinson fencing unique in appearance. Colour will lighten as uv stabilsation takes place., this gice a real natural and subtle effect to you fence. 

Slate Grey
Slate Grey
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