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Soffit Boards

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Solid Soffit

Vented 10mm

Vented 25mm


Hollow Soffit


PVC Soffit Boards

When replacing or installing soffits, we understand the importance of choosing the right product. That's why we supply Swish Concords PVC Soffit Boards.

What makes them our choice?

  • They are BBA and BSI approved

  • Come in 4 different styles solid, Hollow, Vented 10mm and Vented 25mm

  • Come in an extensive range of colours

  • Lightweight and highly durable

  • Maintenance-free

  • Great manufactures guarantees


Can Be Recycled After Use

Low Maintenance

Colourfast Technology 

On White

20-year Extended available

On Colours

Authentic Looking Texture

Colour Range

With a wide variety of colours, we'll have the ideal colour to enhance your property's roofline


Browse the range.

Folied Colours

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