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Tiled conservatory roof is the perfect solution for creating an all year round useable space allowing you to enjoy the space all year round.

Whether you are looking to replace or build new, we offer the marketing leading in tiled roofs from SupaLite.

Having a tiled roof offer a large reduction in energy cost low u value.

The tiled roofs come in a choice of 3 colours with a natural weathered tone.

Tiles are fully registered and compliant with the strict UK standards required for use with a roof pitch as low as 10 degrees.  

High performance eliminates the delaminating, lifting and general break down caused by UV rays and strong winds, 

Tiled Converatory Roof Supalite with Extralight roof tiles in walnut

10 Year


Tiled Conservatory Roof 

Conservatory Styles
Roof In Detail

ExtraLight Roof Tiles

ExtraLight are a stone-coated steel tile offer superior performance and are available in 3 different colours. 

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Conservatory styles

Each tiled conservatory roof systems undergo precise testing – producing a compliant, resilient product which is compatible with all roof styles.

The lightweight aluminium frame, humidity-proof insulation and tiles are tailored to your existing conservatory frame and provide you with a welcoming living space free from wind and rain noises, leaks and extreme temperature changes.




Victorian Bay

Victorian Wide Front


Tiled Roof in Detail

Lightweight Aluminium Ridge 
with tanalised timber batons
ExtraLight Tiles
Insulated Plasterboard
12mm Plywood
branded breathable membrane 
Lightweight Aluminium Rafters with tanalised timber batons
Lightweight Aluminium Eaves Ring beam
available in white, caramel, brown or black.
Can house external
LED downlights.

5 Main Benefits

  • Save money on heating costs.

  • Roof system engineered and tested to meet all building regulations.

  • Transforms a conservatory into an extension.

  • Adds significant value to your home.

  • Increases your living and entertaining space.



Edwardian Tiled Roof in Walnut
Edwardian Tiled Roof in Walnut

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Before and After Edwardian Roof
Before and After Edwardian Roof

A conversion from a glass edwardian roof to a charcoal tiled roof.

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Before and After P-Shaped Roof
Before and After P-Shaped Roof

A conversion from a glass p-shaped conservatory roof to a ember tiled roof.

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