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Hardie® Plank Products

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Hardie Plank - Boothbay Blue and Artic White

Hardie Plank

Hardie VL Plank Anthracite Grey

Hardie VL Plank


Hardie Trims


Installation Tips

Hardie­ Fibre Cement Cladding

Cladding is reimagined with James Hardie's fibre cement cladding systems! A truly innovative, low maintenance and natural-looking cladding solution. 

What makes them our choice?

  • They are BBA certified

  • Fire rating A2, s1-d0 - It's a non-combustible material 

  • Natural looking

  • Come in a wide range of colours

  • ColourPlus™ technology - prevents fading

  • Up to 20% faster installation

  • 15-year manufacturers warranty 

Non Combustible

A2 Fire Rating 

Low Maintenance

ColourPlus™ Technology 

Fast Installation

Saving You Time 

Natural Look

Authentic Looking Texture

Colour Range

With a wide variety of colours, we'll have the ideal colour to enhance your property's roofline


Browse the range.

Hardie Plank Colours - Cedar

HardiePlank Vertical 1.jpg

Hardie Plank Vs Hardie VL Plank

The main difference between the Hardie Plank and Hardie VL Plank is in the plank design. The Hardie Plank is a traditional plank cladding whereas the Hardie Vl Plank is an interlocking plank that uses an innovative tongue and groove fitting system. 

Hardie® Plank

Hardie Plank Fibre Cement Cladding.jpg

Dimensions: 3600 x 180 x 8mm

Weight per board: 7.4kg

Boards per m²: 1.85

Visible surface: 150 - 180mm

Colours: 21

Textures: Cedar or Smooth

Creates a classic finish that can be installed horizontal overlap, vertical hit and miss or open joint.

Hardie® VL Plank

Haride VL Plank.jpg

Dimensions: 3600 x 214 x 11mm

Weight per board: 10.5kg

Boards per m²: 1.52

Visible surface: 182mm

Colours: 8

Textures: Cedar

Creates a modern seamless interlocking finish, and can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Installation Guides

Check out the installation video guides for James Hardie cladding below.

Click below to view the video.

Installation Guide

Hardie Plank Installation Video

Hardie VL Plank in anthracite grey and artic white on a 2 storey building.jpg

Product Literature

Please find below the product and material safety data sheets for Hardie® Plank and Hardie® VL Plank fibre cement cladding.

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