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Hardie® Plank

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Strong, Stylish & Built To Last!

Hardie® Plank fibre cement cladding is built to last! Making it the ideal choice for homeowners, builders and architects when it comes to exterior cladding.

The Hardie® Plank system boasts a great range of features including an A2 fire rating and durability meaning it won't crack, swell, warp or become brittle. The system is backed by a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Designed to give any property a beautiful finish with a range of 21 colours and 2 textures, It can be installed in horizontal lap, vertical hit and miss or open joint styles. Why not mix and match styles and colours to create a truly unique natural-looking aesthetic for your property?


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Installation Guide

Check out the Hardie® Plank installation video. 


Click below to get the full Hardie® Plank Installation guide.

Hardie Plank Installation Video