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Dursid Foresta Cladding

Durasid Foresta Cladding woodland oak

Looks Like Real Wood

Durasid Foresta

External wall cladding with a realistic wood design on each siding. A unique process of digital printing is applied to the rigid foam panels producing a look that's hardly distinguished from natural wood.

Durasid Foresta is available in 6 designs. all in lengths of 5 m.

  • Single siding 250 mm: Can be placed both horizontally and vertically.

This external cladding gives you the natural look of wood but with all the benefits of PVC. 

Please note trims are a solid colour, not a printed design - Please see swatches for comparison.



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long blue ewe shape slim.png



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long blue ewe shape  slim lb.png
long blue ewe shape  slim lb.png

Colour Range

Check out the 8 realistic wood designs available.

Please note that the trims come in a solid colour.


Browse the range.

Durasid Foresta & Trim Colours 

Installation Guide

Check out the Durasid installation video. 


Click below to get the full Durasid Installation guide.

Durasid Installation Video

Foresta Colours
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